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                                                             Fixed Wireless Service

The top wireless providers offer a 30 day trial. If the customer is not satisfied with the service, either by the first day or by the 29th day, they can return the equipment and are not obligated to stay under contract. If a customer decides that they do not want a long term commitment, they can choose to receive the service under a month-to-month agreement. Month-to- month service is more expensive than service that is contracted for one or more years. The customer does not need to purchase additional equipment to use this service. An Ethernet handoff is provided so the customer can just plug the Ethernet cord right into their computer or network router. One static IP address is also included with this service.  

The equipment that is sent for a 3g fixed wireless connection include an Ethernet cable, power cord for the modem, a modem, and two antennas, each the size of a small Pringles can. The equipment can be placed anywhere indoors that is near an electrical plug and is convenient for your company. The antennas are many times more powerful than an air card, and are designed to receive a circuit through the walls of your building, so you have many options for antenna placement. For example, you can place them on a window sill, on a small section of your desk, counter top, or on bookshelves. The modem is small, about four inches long and an inch high. On the back of the modem, is a plug for each antenna, a place to plug the Ethernet cable, and plug-in the power cord. To increase placement flexibility, you can use an electrical extension cord so that the modem does not need to be placed near an inconvenient location that happens to be near an electrical outlet. You can also substitute a longer Ethernet cord so the modem and antennas will not need to be located inconveniently close to your computer or internal network router. One end of the Ethernet cord plugs into the back of the router, the other end can be plugged into the back of your computer for single computer use. Multiple computers can share a single fixed wireless circuit, either via Ethernet connections, or wirelessly, by plugging the Ethernet cord from the modem to a network router. Most of these internal network routers can now provide both wired and wireless connections to other computers in the same For specific pricing and availability, please go to pricing and availability tool at the top of this page. This tool is free, real time, user friendly and there is no obligation.  

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