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                                                             Fixed Wireless Service

The top wireless providers offer a 30 day trial. If the customer is not satisfied with the service, either by the first day or by the 29th day, they can return the equipment and are not obligated to stay under contract. If a customer decides that they do not want a long term commitment, they can choose to receive the service under a month-to-month agreement. Month-to- month service is more expensive than service that is contracted for one or more years. The customer does not need to purchase additional equipment to use this service. An Ethernet handoff is provided so the customer can just plug the Ethernet cord right into their computer or network router. One static IP address is also included with this service.  

3G wireless service, also known as 3G fixed wireless, is an additional source of bandwidth that is available to both businesses and residences. This service is available to about 95 percent of the locations within the US.With 3G wireless, the provider supplies two powerful antennas that are each about the same size as a “Pringles” can. These antennas are usually placed inside the office of the customer. Both antennas connect to a modem that provides an Ethernet handoff to the customer computer, or network router. The modem locates and locks-onto the strongest wireless bandwidth signal of the 4 largest cell companies in the country. 3G wireless bandwidth averages speeds of about 1 Mbps for download by 512k for upload. 

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