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The top wireless providers offer a 30 day trial. If the customer is not satisfied with the service, either by the first day or by the 29th day, they can return the equipment and are not obligated to stay under contract. If a customer decides that they do not want a long term commitment, they can choose to receive the service under a month-to-month agreement. Month-to- month service is more expensive than service that is contracted for one or more years. The customer does not need to purchase additional equipment to use this service. An Ethernet handoff is provided so the customer can just plug the Ethernet cord right into their computer or network router. One static IP address is also included with this service.  

3-G fixed wireless compared to DSL/Cable bandwidth:

Fixed wireless is not always the preferred choice when compared to DSL or Cable modem. DSL and Cable often offer higher bandwidth for less cost. However, fixed wireless is available to approximately 95% of all homes and businesses in the US. DSL and Cable are only available to approximately 60% of homes and businesses. This means that about 90% of homes and businesses that cannot be reached by DSL and Cable, can be reached by 3G fixed wireless. For these 90%, many are happy to have a solid alternative to satellite, dial up, or, for small businesses, the expense of a T1 circuit. For locations where DSL and Cable are available, fixed wireless is often the preference of businesses seeking circuit redundancy, because unlike cable and DSL, fixed wireless does not enter the building through wires that can be severed by outside sources. Please see our video on fixed wireless redundancy. For specific pricing and availability of fixed wireless, DSL, and T1, please use the link below this article for access to our patented real time pricing and availability tool.  

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